Noveller Releases New Single “Canyons”

Noveller has releasesed “Canyons”
Noveller "Canyons"

Noveller has releasesed “Canyons,” the latest single off her forthcoming release Arrow, available June 12th via Ba Da Bing Records.

The song takes its name from Moon Canyon, where Sarah Lipstate, who performs as Noveller, currently resides. The foundation for the composition came about as Lipstate was working with a multi-effect pedal that Dutch manufacturer Dr. No had designed with her specifically in mind. Inspired by Noveller’s recordings, the pedal was named Moon Canyon. Once in Sarah’s hands, she used the new device to push her creative process even further, thus not only completing the inspirational loop, but sending it off into a new trajectory.

Creating what Iggy Pop described to Jim Jarmusch as “symphonies for people that don’t have a lot of time,” Sarah Lipstate has emerged as an innovative and defining voice in the world of music under the name Noveller. Wielding a guitar as her main instrument, Lipstate has pioneered a transcendent approach to composition through her mastery and integration of effects pedals and technology. Forming unexpected sonic routes, her songs are vivid and cinematic, telling intricate tales with each tone and swell.

Raised on a strict piano technique, the discovery of the guitar late in her teens allowed for an escape from formalism and unlocked the hidden realms of her creativity. Taking an anti-theoretical approach, suddenly music was no longer a series of notes, rests, and time signatures, but a means of intuitive expression. Her deepened interest in experimental music, fueled by the discovery of the bold noise of Sonic Youth, the epic scope of Glenn Branca, the delicate formularies of Brian Eno and the no wave discordance of Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, only furthered to inspire.

With her ability to add such unique sounds and textures, Lipstate has been sought out as a frequent collaborator, recently writing songs with Iggy Pop and performing as a member of his band on his worldwide tour. Past partners in crime have ranged from JG Thirlwell to Lee Ranaldo and she has performed as part of Rhys Chatham’s Guitar Army, Nick Zinner’s “41 Strings”, Ben Frost’s “Music for 6 Guitars”, and Glenn Branca’s 100 guitar ensemble. She has also toured in support of big fans in St. Vincent, Wire, U.S. Girls, The Jesus Lizard and Helium.

Track Listing
Ba Da Bing Records

1) Rune
2) Effektology
3) Zeaxanthin
4) Pattern Recognition
5) Canyons
6) Pre-fabled
7) Thorns
8) Remainder

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