Every Loser by Iggy Pop Album review by Robert Duguay for Northern Transmissions


Every Loser

Iggy Pop

At the age of 75, Iggy Pop seems like one of those musicians who’ll live forever. Much like his rock & roll comrades Keith Richards & Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop has seen it all and done it all while becoming an ultimate example of the surviving rockstar. Along with his longevity, Pop can still make a fantastic album that has a ton to offer the senses. His latest album Every Loser, which came out on both Atlantic Records & Gold Tooth Records on January 6, is a stellar example of this fact. The record has him being joined by producer Andrew Watt on guitar and
backing vocals, Duff McKagan from Guns n’ Roses on bass and Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers on drums to create quite the sonic arsenal.

While listening, one characteristic that’s visible to me is a weaving of the glam & garage rock stylings Pop did in the ‘60s and ‘70s with the more new wave leaning stuff he did in the ‘80s. The evoking of these eras don’t clash at all, there’s a unique sense of parallel within the tracks that lets each song stand on its own. I’d say the most consistent element of Every Loser is Pop’s vocal delivery. He unleashes his own signature croon during a majority of the album along with some spots where he does some spoken word. From start to finish, the album has a good amount of rippers while other songs are a testament to the craft of songwriting.

“Frenzy” is a raucous punk rock jam that kicks Every Loser off with a musical punch to the face while making for quite an introduction. Another great rock track is ‘“All The Way Down”, which has some keys faintly having a presence in the background while Watt’s guitar riffs are absolutely impressive. An example of the new wave sounding material is “Comments” with a cool bass line from McKagan setting the tone. “Modern Day Ripoff” exudes a substantial amount of charisma with the guitars conveying somewhat of a funky vibe. Other tracks that are worth checking out are “New Atlantis”, “Morning Show” and “Neo Punk”.

Every Loser seems to be a return to the full rock gamut Pop likes to immerse himself in from time to time. This is especially the case while following up his previous two albums, the 2019 jazz escapade Free and the 2016 art rock Josh Homme collaboration Post Pop Depression. I really enjoy the presence of interludes breaking up the monotony as they transform Pop into a beatnik storyteller. I also enjoy the weaving of aesthetics I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing dull about this record and it’s refreshing in a sense because of it. That’s why you should give the
album a listen from beginning to end and dive right in.

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