“Mustang” Harrison featuring Talvi

Toronto artist/producer Harrison, has shared a new video for “Mustang.” The song is from his sophomore album, Apricity, featuring ethereal vox from Talvi of Prince Innocence. The visual was directed by Jon Riera (known for his work with Jazz Cartier, A Tribe Called Red, DVSN). In February, Harrison released Apricity Deluxe – a set of five B-sides exclusively via Bandcamp.

“The experience of making Mustang was exciting for us because we could re-imagine something that was already out in the world and took a different approach to it. That’s partially what the beginning scene represents,” Jon says of the creative process. “If you were already familiar with the song and you watched the opening scene it seemed like it was going to be regular-degular but then we flipped it and had an opportunity to give you a look into a world you wouldn’t expect.”

“I’ve worked with Jon before so it was a breeze,” Harrison says of their collaboration. “I’m a little camera shy so it was nice having Talvi there, we were using the second half of Mustang, which is all her singing.”

“It was really fun embodying the femme fatale role for Mustang and working with Jon and Harrison on this. I feel like I’m cast in this role a lot, it’s cool that people see me that way and I get to play it,” Talvi adds. “I also love that there’s this portal into another dimension that captures this particular moment and my friendship collaborating with Harry.”