“Millie’s” by New Balance

"Millie's" by New Balance is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"Millie's" by New Balance is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

New Balance is the project of Los Angeles artist Jeremy Leasure with accompaniment by Jacob Maag and Emily Monnig. His music is inspired by outsider folk, Nashville country, and 70’s indebted singer songwriters. New Balance’s forthcoming full-length More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid drops on October 28 via Anxiety Blanket Records on October 28th. Ahead of the arrival New Balance has shared album track “Milly’s”.

“I wrote Millie’s not long after meeting my current long-term partner several years back. It was my first attempt (in a very long time) trying to write a genuine love song. This is one of those songs that from start to finish took maybe 20 minutes to write, and I tried to encourage that sense of ease throughout its recording process. First thought best thought. We recorded this with Omar Akrouche in Los Angeles summer of 2021 in a total of maybe 6 hours. I’d been listening to a lot of 60’s Nashville country and Harry Nilsson and hoped it would end up somewhere in that trajectory. These things go where they want to go though, and I’m happy this one had its way.” – Jeremy Leasure (New Balance)

New Balance has notably toured throughout America and parts of Asia over the years. Getting the opportunity to perform with artists as varied as Little Wings, Young Jesus, Illuminati Hotties, Skullcrusher, Reggie Watts, Mini Trees, Ever Ending Kicks, and Black Marble.

New Balance
More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid
Anxiety Blanket Records
Track List

1. Deck Chairs
2. Flagstaff
3. Millie’s
4. Vernal
5. Mancini
6. Niagara Falls Postcard
7. Red Apples
8. Top Shelf
9. Michael
10. Seabirds
11. Turned Over

pre-order More Love Hours Than Can Ever Be Repaid by New Balance HERE


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