Maribou State Return With “Blackoak”

Maribou State have returned with new single “Blackoak.” The duo's single follows their album Kingdoms In Colour and now out via Ninja Tune
Maribou photo credit Credit: Fabrice Bourgelle

Maribou State have returned with new single “Blackoak.” The duo’s single follows their album Kingdoms In Colour, which included collaborations with long-time vocalist Holly Walker, old friend and collaborator, Jack Sibley (AKA North Downs), and psychedelic Texas trio Khuraungbin, and was followed by a cache of incredible remixes from the likes of HAAi, Maceo Plex, Adesse Versions and DJ Tennis, as well as the release of a subsequent single, “Mother”, as part of their Fabric Presents compilation in 2020. The UK duo includes Chris Davids and Liam Ivory.

“The song was written at a difficult time for both ourselves and everyone else involved,” they explain. “Over the past few years we’d both begun to struggle with our sense of selves and how connected we felt to our roots in Britain. The world being in a state of flux seemed to amplify this feeling of disillusion but it led us to explore all the things we loved about where we’re from; the musicians, from artists like David Bowie and The Beatles, through to The Prodigy and Chemical Brothers, and also the likes of Burial, Aphex Twin and Sault; all the electronic genres born here, from Jungle to UK Garage and IDM; and Festivals, namely Glastonbury, the countryside & English summers. In “Blackoak” we tried to capture the spirit of all these things, and it unintentionally helped us reconcile some of our feelings of indifference. For us it sits at the apex of our musical journey so far.”

The release comes after an intense period of song-writing that saw them embark on several makeshift writing retreats, building their own DIY studios at various secluded locations throughout the UK, and inviting a cast of friends and collaborators along to help. “Blackoak” ended up being written almost entirely in one day during one of the early writing sessions (“which is extremely rare for us.”), and was completed on a later trip with the help of their own amateur choir — “We invited all our friends down and got them to sing the main hook, “do that for you”, in the stairwell of the house. The whole thing was fairly chaotic and turned into more of a party than anything productive whilst they were there, but all that energy ended up feeding back into the song and the vocals we recorded really made the ending come to life.”

The Blackoak in question actually refers to the area where the bulk of the track was written over the winter of 2021, surrounded by snow covered woodland — something which is close to the Hertfordshire-born pair’s hearts. As part of the physical release, the band have made a donation to the Woodland Trust, equivalent to £1 of every vinyl sold. “Having both been fortunate enough to grow up in an area surrounded by woodland, we’ve always had a strong connection and affinity with forests and now more than ever we fully support the Woodland Trust in their efforts of restoration and protection for these magnificent and vital areas”

Order “Blackoak” by Maribou State HERE


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