Elkka Debuts “Your Skin”

Elkka shares her new single "Your Skin," the song is off her debut album Prism Of Pleasure, available June 7th via Ninja Tune
Elkka shares her new single "Your Skin"

Elkka shares her new single “Your Skin,” the song is off her debut album Prism Of Pleasure, available June 7th via Ninja Tune. Elkka shares ; “This song is about obsession and lust, when it’s so good it takes over your mind, body and soul.”

Born and raised in South Wales, with next to no queer community in her immediate vicinity, Elkka had to piece together her identity slowly and curiously, gradually finding herself along the way. After coming out and moving to London in her 20s, the musician started DJing, writing and producing, which eventually led to her launching her own record label, femme culture, and running her own queer club nights off the back of that. “I think sometimes things unlock, and start to make sense and then you just follow it,” Elkka says now. “I started to go out more and become part of a community. I was more confident in myself, so I was more confident in writing and producing – it all came together at the same time.”

Written around the notion of queer intimacy, Prism of Pleasure is like a peep into a steam-filled room of wonders, via the female gaze (a concept beautifully represented in the pink-tinged album artwork, photographed by Elkka’s wife and longtime creative collaborator Alex Lambert). From the smooth, silken vocals of “Crushhh” to the slow-winding, breathy beats of “Your Skin” (“I’m breathing you in, I want to taste every inch of your skin”) and the steady, undulating synth patterns of “surrender2me”, ‘Prism of Pleasure’ unfurls like a patchwork of sweat-slick nights, emotional connectedness and hidden pleasures.

Elkka has been widely supported by her peers including Four Tet, Floating Points, TSHA, Caribou, Sofia Kourtesis, Jon Hopkins, Ben UFO, SHERELLE, and recently won an AIM Award for Best Remix for her rework of Ela Minus’ “Megapunk”. Last year, Elkka released a 4-track EP of energetic club tools called ‘DJ Friendly’ and she also contributed to the trailblazing DJ-Kicks series with a spellbinding mix that championed her love of women and the LGBTQ+ dance community of which Elkka is fiercely part of, regularly performing in intimate spaces and queer parties at the likes of Panorama Bar and FEEL IT.

Prism Of Pleasure
Ninja Tune

1. Break all my walls down
2. Right Here
3. Make Me
4. Crushhh (feat. John Carroll Kirby)
5. Air Tight (feat. Dot Major)
6. Your Skin
7. Passionfruit (feat. John Carroll Kirby)
8. I Just Want To Love You
9. surrender2me
10. FCKD It

Pre-order Prism Of Pleasure by Elkka HERE


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