Luna Li Shares “What You’re Thinking” Video

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and producer, Luna Li has shared her debut album, Duality along with track "What You're Thinking"
Lun Li has shared a video for "What You're Thinking" off her new LP Duality

multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, composer and producer, Luna Li has shared her debut album, Duality, via In Real Life (Liv.e, Peggy Gou, CLIP). Last year the Korean-Canadian also performed on the main stage of 88rising’s Head In The Clouds festival. Today she is also sharing a video for album track “What You’re Thinking.”

Luna Li is the project of Hannah Bussiere Kim, Luni Li is a blend of indie rock and psych; where experimental neoclassical morphs into pristine pop. Her sound is that of an everyday symphony, crafted from the perspective of the female gaze. When the pandemic started, she started self-recording instrumental interludes as a radical form of care. By letting others into spontaneous moments of creation, she made her process transparent and communal.

Growing up Korean-Canadian in Toronto, Luna Li was always immersed in art. Her mom ran a music school where a collection of instruments were always within arms reach. She started her classical training on the piano before graduating to violin. When she discovered the harp, she realized that the skills from her formal training were not only transferable, but expansive. She mastered the electric guitar, then learned that adding synths and programming drum loops could unlock a new dimension to her music.

After dropping out of university after a single semester, she became a mainstay of Toronto’s indie rock scene which lead to the creation of Luna Li. Her new LP Duality features Jay Som, Dreamer Isioma, and beabadoobee, wrestles otherworldly ambitions to the ground, and embraces the notions of vulnerability and identity in order to better understand the collective. “Each song had some element of light and dark — where there’s happiness there’s still uncertainty; where there’s anxiety there’s also beauty; and where there’s tension there’s freedom.”

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