“lost the project file” by Folie

Folie, has shared a new video for “lost the project file.” The track track is off her new mixtape 123!. The video for “lost the project file,” full of strobing lights and hallucinatory effects, is a spastic compliment to the noisy, industrial-adjacent hyper-pop anthem. 123!, out now via Dylan Brady‘s Dog Show Records is an intense and glitchy experimental-electronic joy ride that features the project’s first single, the percussive and clanging “clean2,” which came alongside an animated video directed by Harrison Wyrick and Parker Davis and features Bean Boy.

Folie, real name Jae, is a producer and songwriter born in Upstate New York. Folie was raised on the emo, metal and grunge her parents would bump as a kid, and discovered electronic and dance music artists like Skrillex and Deadmau5 at around age 11. She then started making music on her computer and her appreciation for sound design in video games and sci-fi/fantasy movies lended itself to her stage name “Folie” as a nod to “foley work” — “I love dumb sounds, the sillier and more ridiculous the better,” she says.

Folie has performed at seminal online music festivals such as 2019’s “Mine Gala.” Here, she played b2b with friend and fellow Dog Show artist Gupi, and went on to debut on Dylan Brady’s burgeoning label Dog Show Records with singles “cortisol” and “ragoon.”


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