Let Me Do One More by lluminati Hotties album review by Adam Fink for Northern Transmissions


Let Me Do One More

lluminati Hotties

Sarah Tudzin had an interesting 2020. The LA based singer/songwriter and producer had spent 2019 carefully putting together the follow up to her celebrated 2018 Illuminati Hotties debut Kill Yr Frienemies. When the plans to put out her sophomore album fell apart because of her old label’s questionable business practices, Tudzin released a DIY “mixtape” to fulfill her contract.

That record, FREE IH: This Is Not The One You’ve Been Waiting For, burst out of the gates showcasing Tudzin’s exceptional skills as a songwriter and producer and hinted at even greater things to come. The new album, the official sophomore record Let Me Do One More certainly delivers on the promise of everything that Tudzin has done previously.

Let Me Do One More is a genre hopping, spark plug of an album that truly feels like it could only come from the brain of this singular artist. Shades of indie pop, punk rock, cow punk, hip hop, emo and so much more all swirl together in a perfect and perfectly affecting mix. The lead track and single, “Poolhopping” absolutely bounds out of your speakers, detailing the care that Tudzin has put into the record’s production. It is an insanely catchy earworm of a track and one that sets the pace for the rest to come. “Threatening Each Other re: Capitalism” explores Tudzin’s more melancholy side. The track actually feels like a perfect lost Bright Eyes song, even down to Tudzin’s inflection and vocal melodies. “I’m getting tricked into long-term commitments/ And layaway plans financing my life,” she sings over a languid and minimal groove and it’s oh so endearingly bittersweet. “Kickflip” shows Tudzin embracing a 90s bratty indie rock persona, enunciating every syllable over a stutter step of a beat and creepy crawling guitar lines.

Sarah Tudzin has emerged as one of the latest and greatest on the indie rock scene. As Illuminati Hotties, she crafts not only super fun pop music but songs that are also dripping with emotional gravitas. Her production skills are second to none and it’s amazing to hear what she is doing so early into a career that will only get better over time. Let Me Do One More is such a refreshing album that we need to really let her do as many more as she likes.

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