Dim Wizard Share New Track “X-Games Mode”

Dim Wizard Share New Track “X-Games Mode”
Dim Wizard Photo by Alec Pugliese

Over the last couple of years, Dim Wizard, the revolving-door-pop project from Washington, DC’s David Combs (Bad Moves), has been releasing one endearing anthem after another.

Co-written and produced by Sarah Tudzin (illuminati hotties) and featuring Julia Steiner (Ratboys), and Mike Krol, today Dim Wizard presents “X-Games Mode,” a chaotic, video game inspired jam loaded with catchy riffs and distorted drums.

Combs says of the track and it’s collaborators: “I was in a chaotic headspace. I wanted to hear catchy riffs on overblown guitars. I wanted to hear distorted drums and I wanted it all compressed to a breaking point. But of course it was still lockdown times and I was jammin by myself into my computer, not really knowing what I was doing. Now, Illuminati Hotties’ 2020 record “Free IH” is in my opinion most brilliant in its most chaotic moments. I love the track “free4all,” a noisy freeform synth exploration sandwiched between Sarah Tudzin’s expertly crafted rock jams. So I asked Sarah if she wanted to co-write and produce another chaotic jam. A couple of zoom calls and one riff that came to me in a dream later, “X-Games Mode” was born. We needed our Players 1 and 2, so we called in two rock geniuses, Mike Krol and Julia Steiner (Ratboys). Graciously they each emailed us perfect vocal takes. Check. All that was left was that it obviously needed a video game themed music video. Now finally two years later with the help of animator Greg Doble in collaboration with Baby Pony Food Productions, “X-Games Mode” has arrived.”

Stream “X-Games Mode” HERE


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