Lanterns on the Lake release “Faultlines”

Lanterns On The Lake Premiere Video For 'Faultlines', the track comes off their forthcoming release "Beings"

Prior to the release of their third LP Beings, which comes out on November 13th via Bella Union, Lanterns On The Lake have released the video for their single ‘Faultlines. Directed by Hand Held Cine Club out of Northern England, this dark and immersive film centers upon one man’s desperate emotional battle, mirroring the track’s plaintive melodies and lyrics: “fractured lives lives like faultlines.”

Work on Beings began in February 2014, hard on the heels of successful tours of Europe and North America. It proved to be a productive period. “The ideas came effortlessly and in abundance,” vocalist Hazel Wilde says of the writing process. “At first we had no expectations, no prescribed ideas of how we wanted the songs to turn out. We were just writing and playing together because that’s what we’d always done.”

This was made possible by their setup, working in splendid isolation; writing, rehearsing and recording in their Newcastle rehearsal room meant the results were undiluted by outside influence. produced and mixed by guitarist Paul Gregory. “We wanted it to be more raw,” Wilde says of the record. “At its darkest points, we wanted it to feel like you’d dived into the deepest part of our dreams and were taking a look around. At its lightest we wanted it to feel like you were coming up for air.”

Wilde’s lyrics also shudder with evocative and often surprisingly dark imagery in songs that attempt to understand the world around her, built from charged moments of universal insight. “There is a sense of the need to connect to something; the need to find meaning,” she says of the material. “There’s such frustrating injustice in the world, yet this feels like a time of disconnection where we’re encouraged to celebrate the shallow side of culture. This record carries that sense of yearning for something greater.”

Beings Tracklisting:

1. Of Dust & Matter
2. I’ll Stall Them
3. Faultlines
4. The Crawl
5. Send Me Home
6. Through the Cellar Door
7. Beings
8. Stepping Down
9. Stuck For An Outline
10. Inkblot