“L. O. W.” By Motorists

"L. O. W." By Motorists is Northern Transmisions Song of the Day. The track is off the Toronto band's forthcoming LP Touched By The Stuff
Motorists photo by Kyle Berger

Toronto band Motorists share new single, “L. O. W.,” a track off their forthcoming album Touched by the Stuff, available May 24th, 2024 via We Are Time and Bobo Integral (Tough Age). The band have also announced dates for their European/UK tour, which includes stops in Paris, London, Madrid and more.

Craig Fahner on “L. O. W.”

“This song continues a lyrical theme from Surrounded – of simultaneously wanting to leave society, but realizing the alienation that comes from being too far out of range. I remember writing it and L. O. W. on the same day while I had a fever in the middle of summer in my non-air conditioned upstairs room in Toronto. Both songs have a real “heat-induced delirium” feeling. In Phonebooth, that delirium is captured in the image of wandering alone in a desert, looking for an oasis but only finding a phone booth (a reference to the infamous Mojave Phone Booth). This song came together in one sitting – I was so excited about the hooky riff, Byrdsy rhythm guitar and off-kilter guitar solo that it made sense to keep on following the feeling and commit to the “first-thought, best-thought” approach.”

Touched by the Stuff
We Are Time Records

1. Decider
2. Phone Booth in the Desert of the Mind
3. Call Control
4. Embers
5. L. O. W.
6. Barking at the Gates
7. Tall Tower
8. Forced Perspective
9. Back to the Queue
10. Sweet William
11. The Folded Plan
12. Light Against the Shade

Motorists 2024 Tour Dates

May 23 – Bourges, FR @ Antre Peaux
May 24 – Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, FR @ RockSea
May 25 – Rennes, FR @ Les Paradis Perdus
May 26 – Tours, FR @ Say Cheese Festival
May 28 – Portsmouth, UK @ The Edge of the Wedge
May 29 – London, UK @ Two Palms
May 30 – Paris, FR @ Block Party Festival
June 1 – Gothenburg, SE @ Viva Sounds
June 4 – Malmo, SE @ Medley
June 6 – Prato, IT @ Off Tune Festival
June 7 – Ruvo di Puglia, IT @ Scarlatti Caffe
June 8 – Gabicce Mare, ES @ God Save the Queen Fest
June 11 – Santander, ES @ Rock Beer the New
June 12 – Biarritz, FR @ Wheel and Waves Festival
June 13 – San Sebastian, ES @ Dabadaba
June 15 – Escarion, ES @ Sala Avenida
June 16 – Madrid, ES @ Fun House

Pre-order Touched By The Stuff HERE


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