“lastbirthday” By Temps

After Party is the new 5-track by Temps, now available via Bella union. To celebtate the release the UK group have shared album track “lastbirthday” which features Gaston Bandimic and Blanck Mass. The track comes accompanied by a video created and directed by Babak Ganjei who comments: “At Art School an early lesson in teaching you to loosen up is to respond to music and let the subconscious loose. The collage like quality of Temps’ music suits such exercises very well but if you’re looking for a deeper meaning to the image it takes about three years for the conscious brain to catch up.”

Commenting on the EP band member James Acaster says: “The AFTER PARTY EP consists of five songs that felt a little more menacing than the ten on PARTY GATOR PURGATORY. I love them just as much and they definitely exist in the same universe as the album tracks, they just felt like their own chapter and presented themselves as such as we were making them. Also I wanted to keep the album under an hour long so separated the spookier tracks and made a companion EP out of them. This is the end of the Party Gator’s story, its own personal katabasis. Here we find out what the resurrection truly meant and look on sympathetically as the gator comes to accept its situation.”

Featuring Quelle Chris, John Dieterich, Joana Gomila, Laia Vallès, Shamir, Seb Rochford and many more, Temps’ ten-track debut album was produced, curated and devised by James Acaster. “I became completely obsessed with this project,” states Acaster, “it was all I focused on for two years and we ended up making my favourite thing ever. I hope people enjoy it.”

After Party
Bella Union

1. fitinthiscostume (feat. Ami Dang, Emma Daman, Blanck Mass, me oh myriorama, Gaston Bandimic, Law Holt, Public Speaking, The Growth Eternal, Elizabeth Balčus)
2. firstbirthday (feat. NNAMDÏ, Public Speaking)
3. partygatorpoltergeist (feat. Me oh myriorama, J Thoubbs, The Growth Eternal)
4. lastbirthday (feat. Gaston Bandimic, Blanck Mass)
5. belongbetween (feat. Quelle Chris, Wheelchair Sports Camp, Law Holt, Babar Luck, Mal Devisa, Public Speaking, Pictish Trail, Jonathan Snipes)

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