Kedr Livanskiy Shares Video For “Stars Light Up”

Kedr Livanskiy Shares Video For "Stars Light Up." The track is off the Russian producer/musician's forthcoming release Liminal Soul
Kedr Livanskiy Shares Video For "Stars Light Up"

Kedr Livanskiy, has returned with a new single/video “Stars Light Up.” The haunting vocal loop and house beat on her lead single off her forthcoming release Liminal Soul, available October 1, via 2MR.  The album’s cover art, designed by Kedr and Flaty, reflects this theme as well: “It was essential to share the feeling of transition, of a space, which cannot be articulated,” she says. “The idea is that even in dark ages the light still glows somewhere inside.” Liminal Soul follows Livanskiy’s previous release Your Need.

“Stars Light Up”, which sees its release across all digital platforms today via 2MR, comes with a video captured on 8mm film in one of the oldest church complexes in Moscow by director Sergey Kostromin. Kedr describes, “White-hipped roof vaults – antique arches, but with a Slavic tint. This place is very personal to me. I feel the connection of antiquity, with those times when people turned their gaze to the sky in search of answers to their questions, in order to feel some kind of otherworldly energy and strength. ‘Look at the sky’ is sung in the song, urging people of our time not to lose contact with heaven – not necessarily in a religious sense, but rather a broader metaphysical one.”

Your Need is still present on Liminal Soul, but this time it’s more refined; a single element in an elaborate arsenal. Rather than rebelling against the upbeat nature of Your Need, she opted to expound upon it: Liminal Soul takes the technicolor dance floor conjured on Your Need and drops it into the middle of a lush forest, striking a perfect balance between the electronic energy of contemporary life and the organic ease of the natural world.

“Urban being and intuitive organic life are inseparable within a man. That’s the boundary I intended to discover, an archaic pulse inside modern people.”


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