Kedr Livanskiy shares new single “Sky Kisses”

Kedr Livanskiy has shared another single odd Your Need,"Sky Kisses" will appear on the Moscow producer/singer/songwriter's LP 'Your Need'
Kedr Livanskiy "Sky Kisses"

Kedr Livanskiy has shared another single odd Your Need,”Sky Kisses” will appear on the Moscow producer/singer/songwriter’s forthcoming release Your Need, out May 3rd via 2MR.

Your Need is like a chapter of life. It’s a story that illustrates different scenarios and moods that our mythical hero experiences, living in an urban jungle. From lost love to a bad trip on the dance floor, from euphoria to deep introspection. Our hero sometimes feels bold, lost or devastated, but also tender and full, like all of us at some point in life.

One day she was talking with her friend Flaty (Zhenya), a very talented artist from St. Petersburg who’s signed to the GOST ZVUK label, and they decided to do a single together. He came to visit her in Moscow, but they ended up spending 10 whole days writing music together, from dawn to dusk. They vibed off each other’s musical ideas perfectly and understood each other even without speaking. Zhenya is a beatmaster and pays attention to even the smallest details of a track. He brought incredible richness to the composition and Kedr considers him her teacher in this area.

Kedr Livanskiy
Your Need

1 – Your Need
2 – Sky Kisses
3 – Why Love
4 – Lugovoy (November Dub)
5 – Bounce 2
6 – Kiska
7 – Your Need (Deep Mix)
8 – LED
9 – City Track
10 – Ivan Kupala (New Day)

Your Need drops May 3rd on 2MR

Kedr Livanskiy

04/05: Brooklyn, NY – Black NYC at Avant Gardner
06/03: London, UK – Electrowerkz
08/03: Berlin, GE – About Blank
09/03: Brussels, BE – Botanique
10/03: Amsterdam, NE – Garage Noor


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