K Records Shares “Jump Kick The Legs”

K Records Shares "Jump Kick The Legs" Video from Upcoming Hip Hop Compilation 'All Your Friend's Friends"

Olympia’s K Records will release All Your Friend’s Friends, a hip hop compilation produced entirely off of samples pulled from the legendary label’s catalog, on November 11th. Ahead of its release, they’ve shared a brand new video for album track “Jump Kick The Legs,” a classic posse cut featuring twelve different MCs from all across the Northwest. The track is based on a sampled drum break, along with various vocal squeals and screams from Chain and The Gang’s Ian Svenonius.

All Your Friend’s Friends features 30 seminal Northwest MCs, along with a host of hidden talent from K’s hometown of Olympia, WA. Producer Smoke M2D6 deconstructs the classic lo-fi garage soul sound of the iconic label, artfully rearranging it over a thick foundation of classic breaks, 808’s, and heavy bass.

The compilation will be accompanied by a mini-documentary of the same name, which takes an in-depth look at the conception and making of the album through various interviews with local talent and many of the artists involved in the project. Two trailers have been released for the documentary– Part 1 features Seattle legend Macklemore, amongst others, and Part 2 focuses on K founder Calvin Johnson.

K Records Shares "Jump Kick The Legs" Video from Upcoming Hip Hop Compilation 'All Your Friend's Friends",









All Your Friend’s Friends Track Listing:

1. Cynic Syndrome – Onry Ozzborn, Zikki Carr,
2. Real Life Game – The Chicharones
3. Evolve Away – Xperience
4. Good Bad Girl – Heddie Leone
5. Find Your Shine – Wildcard, Poeina Suddartha, Ang p, MG! The Visionary
6. Where the Free People Go – AKA
7. Trial By Water – Epryme, Iame
8. Pizza Chef – Free Whiskey
9. 3D Monocle – JFK, Bishop, Gold, Smoke
10. My Shady Gangster Uncle KaiXperience, Zikki Carr, Nyqwil
11. Dancefloor on the Warpath – Smoke
12. Nothing Grows in a Flood – Barfly
13. Blackfist Brokenfont – Silent Lambs
Project, Nyqwil
14. Work is the Principle – Ang p, MG!
The Visionary, Afrok, Puget
15. We Never Look Up – Iame, Gold, Miz
16. Simplify Complex – Saints of
Everyday Failures, Alli Baker
17. Ashen Embers – Xperience
18. Jumpkick the Legs – Xperience, Zikki
Carr, Jesus Christ, Candidt, Free Whiskey,
Hash Adams, Swamp Tiger, Miz, Ang p,
Heretic, Shellz Sck, Luvva j
19. Welcome to Forever – Simple, Smoke

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