“In Gardens Under Evergreen” Pure Bathing Culture

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "In Gardens Under Evergreen" Pure Bathing Culture
Pure Bathing Culture photo by Amy Martino

Pure Bathing Culture have surprised fans with a new EP entitled Roxi’s Dream Part One, now available via Fist City Artists. The four-song collection is the first music in a series, that the Portland, Oregon duo plan to share. The album’s theme is an otherworldly tale of two star-crossed lovers named Roxi and Neroli.

Sarah Versprille and Daniel Hindman share, “We are beginning an exploration into our version of an Isekai or portal fantasy theme. Of the four songs on the EP, two are told from the perspective of Roxi — City of Mirrors and Neroli Blue — while two are told from the perspective of Neroli — In Gardens Under Evergreen and Treasure Pleasure Wonder Gem.”

Pure Bathing Culture have released three full length albums & three EPs, collaborated with and/or recorded with artists such as Ben Gibbard, Damien Jurado, Vetiver & Fruit Bats, and worked with producers such as Richard Swift, John Congleton & Tucker Martine before embracing a more independent approach to recording and producing.

Hindman and Versprille elaborate on the EP, “The story begins with a disappearance. Roxi has vanished and it’s uncertain whether it was voluntary or not. Neroli returns to a garden every night (the last place they saw Roxi) to look for a sign or clue. Wherever Roxi is, it’s highly unlikely they’re in the same world or universe that Neroli is in anymore. Whether Roxi has been drawn or tricked in some way onto some other plane is unknown at this time but regardless they’re gone, likely up into the night sky, without a trace.

As time passes and we write more together, what was once a mystery is starting to feel like some vital process we’re inexplicably drawn to…sometimes it almost feels like we’re translating someone else’s dreams from some other world. But then these love psalms and ghost stories become a lens for us to view a mirror and see that we’re writing about ourselves at the same time.

There’s so much more of Roxi and Neroli’s story to tell…”

order Roxi’s Dream Part One by Pure Bathing Culture HERE


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