“If I Close My Eyes And Pretend” by Spacemoth ft: The Dodos

“If I Close My Eyes And Pretend” by Spacemoth ft: The Dodos is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“If I Close My Eyes And Pretend” by Spacemoth ft: The Dodos is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Following her the release of her debut album No Past No Future, Maryam Qudus aka Spacemoth has shared a new version of “If I Close My Eyes And Pretend” featuring Meric Long of The Dodos. Qudus, a longtime fan of The Dodos, has both collaborated on recording projects together and played shows with the band. Along with Qudus’ husband Beau Sorenson on synth and Long on acoustic guitar and vocals, the new version is stripped back, but certainly no less psychedelic. Along with Treefort Music Fest, Spacemoth will be playing a handful of shows this spring on the West Coast including Portland, Oakland, Seattle, and LA. See all dates below.

About her collaboration with The Dodos, Qudus says:

“I have been a fan of The Dodos for a long time. I remember listening to Visiter for the first time in high school and being in complete awe of Meric’s intricate guitar structures with Logan’s sophisticated polyrhythms – it sounded unlike anything I had ever heard. That album stayed on repeat for years, and I continued to love all of their albums with awe and admiration.

I connected with Meric and Logan through my own music – we played a show together, and more recently The Dodos worked on their albums Certainty Waves and Grizzly Peak with my husband Beau Sorenson at Tiny Telephone, a studio we both work at frequently.

In the last year, Meric started engineering as well, which gave me the idea of collaborating on a song together. I wanted to create a more minimal version of “If I Close My Eyes And Pretend” using an arpeggiated guitar riff instead of a synthesizer. I cannot play acoustic guitar without making a thousand squeaking sounds, but Meric is the best guitar player I know. I asked if he’d want to work on this song together and felt his voice would sound so perfect in harmony together.

Meric, Beau and I spent a day at the studio, had most of it done before lunch (Vik’s Chaat in Berkeley) and had a ton of fun making music together.

I feel so lucky to have been able to work on this song with Meric, both as a long time fan, a new friend and collaborator.”

2023 Tour Dates

March 10th – Oakland, CA @ Bandcamp HQ
March 23rd – Portland, OR @ The Fixin’ To
March 24th – Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
March 26th – Boise, ID @ Treefort Fest
March 31st – Los Angeles, CA @ Genghis Cohen
April 1st – Oakland, CA @ Eli’s Mile High Club

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