“i have more than enough” By searows

"i have more than enough" by searows is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off his forthcoming album End of the Road
searows Photo Credit: Marlowe Ostara

Alec Duckart AKA: Searows, shares his new single “I Have More Than Enough.” The track is off his forthcoming EP, End of the World available November 10th via Communion Records. This fall, Searows, hits the road with Gracie Abrams for a run of live dates across Europe and North America

Alec shared this insight about the song: “I wrote and recorded most of this song in one day after walking around outside for the first time in weeks. I had spent so many days in a row alone in my room working on songs I felt increasingly uninspired by. I was walking laps around my house, feeling very weird and then I remembered I could be doing the same thing outside so I took a walk around my neighborhood. I sat with some cats and watched a crow for a while. I ended up stopping every few steps on my way home to write random thoughts down in my notes app and when I got back I wrote this song and then recorded it. It was one of the fastest songs I’ve written and still felt good about. shockingly enough, going outside makes you feel less like you are going crazy.”

Searows is the moniker of Kentucky-born, Oregon-raised musician Alec Duckart. Duckart’s intimate, hushed and compelling debut album Guard Dog was released independently, soon finding an audience that were already sharing snippets of his music via communities on TikTok. With no real anticipation or expectation for where he wanted the music to land, the record was greeted fondly, and received extensive co-signs from the likes of Ethel Cain, who invited Searows on tour

End of the World
Communion Records

1. Older
2. I Have More Than Enough
3. Collector
4. Funny
5. End Of The World
6. I Can And I Will

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