“Trust” Gracie and Rachel

Gracie and Rachel is comprised of keyboardist Gracie Coates and violinist Rachel Ruggles. The duo create a brand of indie box with a twist of classical music (think San Fermin). Ahead of their forthcoming release for Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records. Ahead of the LP’s arrival, Coates and Ruggles of shared a video for “Trust.”

Angelic choral elements lift the song throughout with lush production and a pointed message: Sprouted from a writer’s block that caused Gracie and Rachel to doubt their songwriting abilities after a lengthy tour, “Trust” blossomed into an empowered reflection on learning to speak your own language, believe in your instincts, and write your own narrative, regardless of any self-imposed walls your mind builds up.

Simultaneously inspired by the strength of womxn coming forward in the #MeToo movement, Gracie and Rachel wanted to illustrate the ways in which courage can be contagious: “We aimed to create a piece that would embolden someone to find their strength through feelings of doubt.” The video begins with Gracie amidst anguished imagery in black and white, which progresses to color once a television is turned on and Rachel’s empowered choreography is broadcasted, bringing the two together through a screen. With both artists ultimately coming into a shared physical space, whether real or imagined, there’s a sense of belief that in order to persevere we must all trust ourselves.

Gracie and Rachel have toured with with Ani DiFranco, Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus, Joseph, and San Fermin, Gracie and Rachel’s live experience displays a passionate, tangible quality to their deeply rooted bond, an intimate connection that is both vibrantly apparent on stage and equally imprinted on their music.