Honeycutt Drops New Single “Coasting”

Honeycutt has shared new single entitled "Coasting", the title-track from their forthcoming LP, out March 13th via Kanine Records
Honeycutt "Coasting"

Honeycutt has shared new single entitled “Coasting”, the title-track from their forthcoming LP, out March 13th via Kanine Records. “Coasting” is about trying to hold it together and be strong for my family,” says Honeycutt. “I think that sometimes there is strength in just surviving. Seeing my mother get us through the things that she did when I was younger really made me who I am today.” The track arrives ahead of Honeycutt’s tour. which starts on February 21, in Boston.

It wasn’t until Honeycutt was 21 that she started playing out at small bars in Orlando, Florida. Between working full time to make rent and studying full time at a small community college, Honeycutt fell behind. When her grades dropped, she lost financial aid for school. Honeycutt says, “Something clicked in me after that. I moved into my friends bedroom and shifted focus fully to writing and recording.” The result was an EP she released under the moniker Baby!, but the name quickly proved unsearchable. Honeycutt rebranded herself simply Honey Cutt (2 words) and readied her debut album, Coasting.

Her Florida environment heavily influences the ten tracks that make up her debut album. The youngest of seven children, with four older brothers and a single mom, her family found themselves relocating from Asheville, NC to a small migrant farm town in central Florida called Ocoee when she was just 8 years old. “My grandmother was sick so we moved back to my moms hometown. I remember the day we arrived in the U-Haul, and found out that the rental house my mom had made a payment on was actually a craigslist scam. We arrived in Florida with no money, no home, and the medical bills of my dying grandmother. We slept in the homes of strange ‘sort-of’ cousins, around different places in central Florida, until my mom could save up enough for a new place.”

Drawing from her experiences growing up below the poverty line and being forced to move often throughout central Florida, those problems didn’t go away when she moved to a big city. In Boston, Honeycutt sought new musical friends and a live band. It was there that she found her footing in the world of live music. Working her way from DIY basement shows to opening for bands like Bully, Gus Dapperton, Varsity, and Calpurnia

Coasting plays off nostalgia but tackles modern issues. On “Vacation” and “Fashion School” she teasingly confronts the wealthy art school scene of the northeast and the self-proclaimed “nice guys” that hang around in that community. She tackles her desperation to break out with the tongue in cheek “Suburban Dream”, and when she croons on “All I Have”, she is devastating and believable. On title track “Coasting”, she is outlining her determination to keep it together mentally while being part of a family that is struggling to cope with poverty.

Kanine Records

1. Vacation
2. Hung Up On Me
3. Suburban Dream
4. Fashion School
5. Judas Waltz
6. Coasting
7. All I Have
8. Orange Blossom Trail
9. Gentleness
10. Love Me, Still

Tour dates

February 21 – Boston, MA @ Pasta Planet
February 29 – Waltham, MA @ Brandeis University
March 2 – Toms River, NJ @ The Clubhouse
March 4 – Athens, GA @ Andy’s house
March 6 – Savannah, GA @ Savannah Stopover
March 7 – Asheville, NC @ Fleetwoods
March 8 – Thomas, WV @ Gradient Art Space
March 10 – Philly, PA @ Sympathetic Frequency
March 11 – NYC @ Pianos
March 12 – NYC @ Pianos
March 13 – NYC @ The Bowery Electric
March 14 – NYC @ Berlin
March 23 – Phoenix, AZ @ Cardiff Giant Tattoo
March 24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Church of Fun
March 27 – Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project
March 28 – Portland, OR @ Vinyl Underground
March 30 – Salt Lake city, UT @ House Party
April 2 – St Louis, MO @ The Nest
April 4 – Detroit, MI @ The UFO
April 5 – Cleveland, OH @ The Tavern
April 26 – Providence, RI @ The Good Will Engine Co