“Hiccup” By Liam Benzvi

Liam Benzvi, recentlynouced an his debut album Acts of Service, co-produced with Joe Valle of Wet, will drop on February 18, 2022 via Terrible Records. With the news, Benzvi has shared a video for album track “Hiccup.” The clip was directed by Luca Venter, “Hiccup” features Benzvi dancing, flailing, and entirely exhausting himself in a boxing studio along with 2 of the older gym regulars. Benzvi says about the song: “I’m singing about a shiver of adrenaline. It only really appears during fits of joy or rage or lust or fear…it’s unquantifiable. When I’m feeling this kind of fleeting energy, I spin weird romantic fiction that only really makes sense to me. When I listen to it now it feels like the ending credits of a movie, probably right after a big reconciliation of some kind.” Watch “Hiccup” video here.

since his days as the co-founder and lead singer of Minneapolis pop outfit Strange Names. Benzvi has kept himself busy, opening for Azealia Banks, Janelle Monae, The Drums, Porches and Wet.

Benzvi’s solo project was written over the last three years and began to take shape sonically and structurally after meeting Joe Valle of the band Wet, who co-produced the album, after the two met at a residency in New England.

The music makes you want to be in motion, it gets at the center of what it means to have clarity over your life and expands on the more sober moments where you’re processing a breakup, or a loss or change of a friendship. When I ask him what the album is about, he says, “It’s about a shift of perspective and approach to writing where I’m reflecting on the world from a new place. For so long, I was writing from the perspective of other people and how I imagined they were experiencing me and for this record I wanted to write through what I was feeling about the world and see what it looks like on the page.” That distinction lives prominently in the sound; the music isn’t something to necessarily hum idly in your bedroom, it’s more of a record that makes you want to get dressed and leave your house without knowing where you’re going, it’s a beat and rhythm to walk to as you move through the world, while reflecting on it in real-time, or especially something to listen to if you want to take the long way home after a night out.

Liam Benzvi
Acts of Service
Terrible Records

1. Acts Of Service
2. Limes
3. The Verge
4. Get Some
5. Hypno
6. Hiccup
7. Not As Good As When We’re Together
8. No Hard Feelings
9. Long Time
10. My Temptation

Order Acts Of Service by Liam Benzvi HERE


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