“Heart Of Hearts” by Flossing

Brooklyn band Flossing have announced their second EP World Of Mirth, that is due for release on August 26th on Brace Yourself Records. In addition to this announcement they have also shared new track “Heart Of Hearts” and its accompanying video. “Asking for an open relationship at the beginning of a global pandemic was the comically intense first step in figuring out I was Queer.” – Flossing

After tackling misogyny in their last single “Men On The Menu”, “Heart of Hearts” is the impassioned new breakup song from the New York project, Flossing where singer-songwriter Heather Elle (ex-BODEGA/The Wants) channels the vulnerability of Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears in order to process a major breakup in the midst of chaos and change (the pandemic). Co-produced with Elijah Sokolow (The Living Strange) in Heather’s home studio in Brooklyn, the two manipulated an old vibraphone they once shared with their ex-partner to rework the song from scratch.

For the music video, Heather sourced and edited bleak industrial footage from a pasta factory with highly-polished shots of pasta dishes to comment on how the cold and complex innards of a relationship can be hidden by a very keeping-up-appearances image, especially in the land of monogamy and heterosexuality.

When the pandemic sideswiped the world, Heather found themselves thrown from touring in two buzzy post-punk groups — Bodega and The Wants — and into a dizzying state of overdue decompression. Aching to artistically progress, they had to completely untether themselves. They departed from the two bands, left a long-term relationship, and quickly began writing and recording songs in their new bachelorette pad. They dug up five-year-old songs, random ideas written on the road, and unexpectedly wrote a new song — the hedonistic and confessional debut single “Switch” — which pushed them to take the project further. The following year, with help from Trout Recording’s Adam Sachs (Swans, Amen Dunes, Joan As Policewoman) and London’s Brace Yourself Records, the debut EP Queen of the Mall was released to critical acclaim, describing Heather as a “mischievous pop poet” and the “newly appointed master of psychological provocative.”

Flossing will perform the songs that make up World Of Mirth in the UK this Autumn – with dates to be announced soon. They will play at local show in Brooklyn at the Sultan Room on August 7th. Tickets available HERE.

World Of Mirth
track listing
Brace Yourself Records

1. Men On The Menu
2. All We Are
3. Heart Of Hearts
4. Side Eye Life

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