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With a name like Meat Wave, the Chicago trio aren’t going to be Morrissey’s new favourite band anytime soon. The band from the Windy City play the kind of cooked-rare-sinewy-punk-rock custom built for sweaty venues with low ceilings and a blurred line between band and feral punters. Following the group’s 2012 self-titled debut LP is new release ‘Brother EP’ via the lovely chaps at Brace Yourself Records. ‘Brother EP’ is a mixed grill of familiar flavours (‘Brother’ and ‘It’s Not Alright’ factor on the band’s eponymous release) and a range of new punk tinged mouthfuls to sink your teeth into – and a cover of The Wiper’s ‘Mystery’ for good measure. In a nutshell this EP is akin to the past, present and future of Meat Wave.

Like the choice cut of any steak, the three piece’s new effort carries nothing in the way of fat; kicking off with the flab free savage punk of ‘Brother’ proves the band’s worth at spitting out rapid fire missives. Throughout ‘Brother EP’ frontman Chris Sutter’s snarled vocal is buried under a surging punk melee but the chorus of ‘Brother’ is begging to be yelled by a heaving mob of chaotic, pissed up revellers “you’re not my brother/you’re not my brother/you’re just another motherfucker’s brother”. The same can said on the cathartic ‘Sunlight’ when Sutter slurs “sunlight let it all wash away” over razor sharp guitar riffs and a guttural bass throb. Stickman Ryan Wizniak is the engine room at the heart of Meat Wave, his drumming is beyond frantic, carving out the image of a punk-fuelled octopus high on caffeine smashing the fuck out of his kit.

‘Sham King’ and the demo of ‘I’ve Got Ants’ ripple with a provocative strut conveying a dirty hip shake to go with the band’s audio battering ram. Meat Wave belch out anti-anthemics on ‘It’s Not Alright’, thanks to a visceral guitar/bass combo attack merged with Wizniak’s pulverising beats and Sutter’s demented howl. The Wiper’s cover spits out like grubby take on pop punk while other demo track ‘The Truth’ is a dirty smash ‘n’ grab in a liquor store after a heavy night’s moshing.

Seven tracks in 17 minutes, that’s ‘Brother EP’s lifespan – this is a collection of songs played at a hurtling speed, at a deafening volume with furious intensity. Hold the fries – I’m here for the Meat Wave.

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