Halo Maud Shares New Single “Terres Infinies”

Halo Maud Shares New Single “Terres Infinies”
Halo Maud Photo by Adrien Selbert

Following her guest vocal turns on The Chemical Brothers recent album, French singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Halo Maud has announced her new album Celebrate, due out March 22 via Heavenly Recordings. To accompany the announcement Maud has shared a video for first single “Terres Infinies”. An almighty blast of baroque psych-pop that’s equal parts Imperial phase Stereolab-style avant pop and Lonerism-era Tame Impala, the track was produced by Maud with Greg Saunier (Deerhoof). Inspired by a Soviet sci-fi classic, it houses a madly catchy, wordless chorus that will loop around in your head from the very first time you hear it.

Commenting on the track Halo Maud says: “A friend suggested that I see the film Stalker by Tarkovski. The general ambience haunted me for some time. I began to have a recurring dream of a dried-up and deserted landscape that I had to traverse, without looking back, to find fertile lands. Then I realized this wasn’t too far from the actual state of affairs. I needed to cultivate a sense of humor about it. Simply put, turn this vision upside down. I imagined a place where we could drink directly from the clouds and read our futures in the trees, which is where this song came from. I produced it, along with a few others on the album, in collaboration with Greg Saunier. Discovering his group – Deerhoof – was one of the biggest musical shocks of my life. Working with him was a dream come true.”

Halo Maud’s new album Celebrate more than lives up to its name. The opening title track like a lo-fi broadcast from a nearby radio before opening out into a glorious cacophony of bass and discordant guitar. By the time the track reaches its middle section, it’s as if curtains have been pulled back to reveal a psychedelic party kicking off in your back garden. It’s obvious that you’re invited, you just need to bring an open mind.

Pre-order Celebrate HERE.


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