Flying Hórses debut video for “Isolation”

Flying Hórses debuts video for "Isolation"
Photo by Jonathan Lorange

Reverie, is the forthcoming release from Flying Hórses. The album is due for release on February 22, via Bonsound Records. Ahead of the release Flying Hórses have shared a video for album track “ISOLATION.” The video directed & produced by Dylan Toombs, and shot in the Canadian Rockies & Upstate NY.

Flying Hórses on the song and video for “Isolation:;

“It’s the story of a couple, drifting apart and eventually blowing up in smoke. The woman is having flashbacks of the moments where she was realizing that she was better off alone. The end of the video shows her by herself (isolated) and still standing. It’s about coming to terms with the realization that it’s better to be alone than be with the wrong person. We are use to being apologetic for bringing up these difficult subjects, but it’s now being talked about in public and in the media. Women have more bandwidth to take charge of their love lives and choose to be strong on their own.”

Flying Hórses AKA: Jade Bergeron. received contributions and inspirations from Godspeed You Black Emperor’s Efrim Menuck, Grammy award-winner Chilly Gonzales and JUNO award-winning instrumentalist Charles Spearin (Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think), while recording Reverie. “This is a heartbreak record, everyone has one. If popstars can have them, so can composers” explains Jade “I think we’re finally in a place where it’s ok to talk about the heavy stuff. It isn’t as necessary to have a filter on the darkness, as much as we used to. My records are generally a reflection of where I am personally. That said; I didn’t want to the music to bring listeners down. The silver lining being that; you can always wake up from a bad dream.”

“When I’m composing on the piano or writing for cello and other instrumentation, I think about all these post-rock bands that influenced me. I don’t see myself as a classical musician, I have very few classical influences. My heart lies in metal and post-rock.”


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