“Flores” By Laurence-Anne

"Flores" By Laurence-Anne is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the Montreal singer/songwriter's album Oniromancie
"Flores" By Laurence-Anne is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Last month, Laurence-Anne shared “Flores.” The track, this is the third single from her forthcoming album, Oniromancie, which will be released on September 8th via Bonsound (Les Louanges, Milk and Bone). The new album sees Laurence-Anne explore the many facets of the night, dreams and the imagination through hypnotic dream pop, coldwave. synth pop and experimental sung in English, French and Spanish.

New single ‘Flores’ is her second song to be written entirely in Spanish. Composed during the writing process for her previous album Musivision, ‘Flores’ instrumental framework exudes an aura of mystery through its layers of ethereal synthesiser and prominent bass line. The lyrics are repeated like an incantation, giving the impression that Laurence-Anne is casting a white magic spell. They may be interpreted as a form of feminine empowerment, a reassuring inner voice that shrugs off male adversity. Flowers are presented as a metaphor for human beings, who are capable of concealing a powerful poison beneath their deceptive beauty. “Flores is about empowerment. The moment when you face yourself in the mirror and call your inner strength to give you the courage to act, to get out of toxic situations. The constant battle between your two selves, the emotional and the rational” adds Laurence-Anne.

The singer/songwriter describes her attempts to tame fear in the dream realm, a volatile environment that can go from serene to frightening in a manner of seconds. “Dreams are sometimes a reflection of my anxiety, which manifests itself more vividly than when I’m awake” explains the artist regarding her main source of inspiration. “I’ve often experienced sleep paralysis. It’s in those moments that I get a feeling of being watched by the night, and I can feel it interacting with me. When I am awake, she shows me her beauty: she is quiet, whispering softly, shining with the moon and stars. When I am asleep, she sometimes shows me her darker side: her shadows, her secrets, she cries out her anguish” adds Laurence-Anne.

Produced alongside François Zaïdan, this album further pushes the groundwork established on her previous album Musivision, proving to be denser and darker, whilst still remaining faithful to her penchant for creating a conceptual and immersive universe. Oniromancie is her most explicitly dream pop album, evoking the sounds of artists such as Beach House, Weyes Blood and Cocteau Twins. Tracks such as ‘Polymorphe’, carried by lush synth arrangements and a heart-warming chorus, affirm this. Whilst tracks such as ‘Politess’ unveil a darker side of the artist, with a sound that is more akin to darkwave than dream pop, propelled by a hypnotic rhythm and an eerie arpeggio synth melody.


1. Fantôme
2. Mornin’
3. Polymorphe
4. Flores
5. Citadelle
6. Oniromancie
7. Supernova
8. Politesse
9. Ombre sur toi
10. Préserver le coeur
11. Vitesse

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