“I Won’t Bite” By Sophia Bel

"I Won't Bite" by Montreal singer/songwriter Sophia Bel is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day, the track is now available via Bonsound
"I Won't Bite" by Montreal singer/songwriter Sophia Bel is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Sophia Bel has shared her new single “I Won’t Bite”. The track is off the Monteal singer/songwriter’s forthcoming release Anxious Avoidant, the track follows her two previous singles “2AM (And I Did It Again)” and “Lonely After Curfew”. Anxious Avoidant drops on April 15, 2022 via Bonsound (Corridor).

On this happy-go-lucky song, instrumentals are put on the backburner with laid-back arrangements to let Sophia’s delicate vocals shine through. After recording guitar and vocals in a single take with the help of Christian Sean, banjo and drums were then added to achieve its country feel. I listened to a good amount of pop-country when I was a teenager and I wanted to let myself fully explore my throwback, explains Bel.

“I wrote this song in a state of euphoria, with that feeling in the back of my mind that nothing is to be taken for granted. It’s the honeymoon stage with a hint of the terrifying fear of losing someone, describes the singer. Simply put, I Won’t Bite is a love declaration that packs a punch and makes us feel all gooey inside.”

Sophia Bel was recently announced as one of the artists featured on the Osheaga 2022 lineup; you’ll be able to catch her on the Montreal festival’s stage on Saturday, July 30th. The singer/songwriter and producer will also be presenting Anxious Avoidant live later this spring.

Born during the pandemic, Anxious Avoidant is inspired by the colourful and playful sounds of the early 2000s. The album marks a stylistic progression in the career of the Montreal-based artist and producer, who, for the first time, composed her songs armed solely with her guitar. This new process influenced her writing style, and inevitably, the final outcome, offering a significant evolution from her first two EPs.

Born in Michigan from a Québécois dad and a Dutch-American mom, Sophia has always found her path through music, from singing 90s classics when she was younger to now releasing her debut album. A real 90s kid, she grew up listening to pop divas, while dreaming of one day becoming a shining music star like them. Bullied at school for her looks, Sophia found an escape daydreaming about a future life as a singer. Figuring out music was her true calling when she was still a teenager, Sophia decided to take her career seriously and pursue her studies in music at Vanier College in Montréal, where she started an empowering path towards the artist she is today. Taking time for herself to recenter on the kind of music she wanted to make as an artist, Sophia Bel found herself going back to her roots, one that are heavily influenced by the fresh pop of the early 00s, by emo-rock, and pop-punk of yesteryears.

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