“Feeling Like I Wanna Cry” Ane Brun

This week, Ane Brun shared “Feeling Like I Wanna Cry.” Along with the single, the Norwegian singer/songwriter released a video for the track, which was directed by Swedish artist Martin Bergstrom photographer Thomas Klementsson. Ane says, “When Martin told me a year ago about an idea for a video he wanted to create, I immediately thought about this song.” The track is from her forthcoming as-of-yet untitled album, due this fall via Balloon Ranger Records.

Ane Brun on “Feeling Like I Wanna Cry”

“I wrote this song last year, after feeling for a long time that we as humans have been on the wrong track,” Brun explains, “I had been following the many reports of how we’re slowly tearing down biodiversity and disrupting our environment, and a sense of sorrow weighed heavily on my chest… One of the things this pandemic has shown us is that we can act, and we are willing to make rapid structural changes to improve our conditions for survival on this planet. Now we just have to realise that the climate emergency is a similar threat to our existence.”

The release of “Feeling Like I Wanna Cry” follows the previous single “Trust.” Ane hosted a pre-listening party for this single, opening a live chat to fans around the world allowing them to chat and connect during this difficult period of self-isolation.