Ane Brun Releases “Song For Thrill and Tom”

Norwegian artist Ane Brun debuts her new single video,"Song For Thrill and Tom"
Ane Brun "Song For Thrill and Tom"

Norwegian songwriter Ane Brun has debuted her new track and video, “Song For Thrill and Tom.” The track is from her forthcoming as-of-yet untitled album, due this fall via Balloon Ranger Records. “Song for Thrill and Tom” is about a complex, beautiful and extraordinary love story. The main characters are real people in my life, who I’ve tried to portray as authentic as possible, so that it becomes like a musical monument of the existence of their love. Like a ring on their fingers,” Brun explains, “Thrill and Tom, are my dear friend Tirilleia and her Tom, the great love of her life, who tragically passed away two years ago.” Tirilleia directed the video, saying “Developing and printing these precious memories from our 20 years together, has been the hardest – yet most healing – thing I have ever done. I hope by sharing the love, it can heal others too.”


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