“Fairytale” by Blessed

Blessed Fairytale Love Letters

Australian band Blessed have shared new single “Fairytale”. This coincides with the release of his debut EP ‘Love Letters’. Both are out now via Yebo Music. Blessed, born in African but mostly raised in Australia, has released a few of singles to date – “Sorrows,” “Insanity” and “One and Only”.

It was the 17th of May 1992 and a sickness was sweeping through Accra, Ghana taking the lives of many infants. The two nervous parents doted on their newborn child, hoping they would be spared as they had already for years struggled to conceive. As the days and weeks went by they realized their healthy child was truly a blessing and the origins of the name BLESSED (Blessed Samuel Joe-Andah) was sealed.

As this blessed child grew older, his Father’s ministries took the family on a geographic and spiritual journey, moving from Zambia, Melbourne, Canberra ultimately to Sydney ..and while his living situations were constantly fluid, music was always his steady companion…spending every Sunday in church where he taught himself to play drums and guitar. BLESSED was a shy kid, choosing to spend time with his music and no different than other outcasts in different parts of the world found solace in punk rock, skateboarding and rap music.

Early on, people noticed….and a rap project he was involved was signed to Sony Australia, but quickly the restrictions and limitations of the music didn’t satisfy the sparks of Basquiat and Hendrix and Kanye exploding in his head. He left the deal and built a studio in Sydney over the course of a year with a with a collective of artists, producers and songwriters, where he immediately began work on the project that is the forthcoming Love Letters EP.

“While recording Love Letters, I didn’t write most of the lyrics down…they were just exactly how I was feeling at those moments. Making music is my way of speaking my heart and mind. The things I don’t say out loud, the feelings I don’t show anyone are all in my music. Love Letters was inspired by my girlfriend and our long term relationship made up of thoughts and emotions I was afraid to feel and say”.

His EP’s single, “One and Only” received world-wide attention almost immediately and with the release of “Sorrows,” the second single, the acclaim continued. BLESSED started hearing from labels and publishers in the US and soon he found himself in Los Angeles performing sessions and writing songs with other artists. It left an impression, “America is tight, seeing it from a tv scene and actually being there are two completely different things.”