“Are Your Friends Alright?” MILAN RING

"Are Your Friends Alright?" by Australian producer/singer/songwriter MILAN RING, is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day, the track is now out via PIAS
"Are Your Friends Alright?" by MILAN RING

Australian Singer/songwriter/producer MILAN RING has shared her new single “Are Your Friends Alright?”. The track was Co-produced by Sydney-based artist BLESSED, the new track is about always being there for your pals and lapping up the good times. “Are Your Friends Alright?” The song is available via Astral People Recordings/[PIAS].

Speaking of the release, Milan says: “‘Are Your Friends Alright?’ is a song I wrote to let my friends know that I have their backs. After a long and challenging week nobody is going to mess with our weekend good vibes! No randoms coming to parties bringing negative energy. No people just standing around judging our incredible dance moves (ha!) Life is too short to put up with that. Surround yourself with good people and deflect the rest. Enjoy the night and let it be.”

Last week, Milan also announced the postponement of her Switch Off Australian tour dates due to the global pandemic. Stay tuned for more updates on this, coming soon.