“Electric Like An Eel” By The Serfs

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is “Electric Like An Eel" By The Serfs
Photo Credit: Liese Stiebritz

The Serfs will release their new album, Half Eaten By Dogs, on October 27th via Trouble in Mind, ahead of the arrival, the band have shared “Electric Like An Eel.” It sounds like a track for dancing in a packed room on the coldest night of the year, its instrumentation reminiscent of New Order’s Brotherhood. The band coyly elaborates: “An ‘electrophorus electricus’ swimming through a sewer on the moon, taking in the sights and making deals, stunning just to feel real.” This Halloween, The Serfs will play with UK band Powerplant at Cincinnati’s Design Collective.

The Serfs – Dylan McCartney (vocals, percussion, guitar, bass, electronics), Dakota Carlyle (electronics, bass, guitar, vocals) and Andie Luman (vocals, synths) – are undeniably near the center of the city’s neu-underground scene. Though the band is championed by punk scenes across the states, they put a decidedly Midwestern spin on the modernist twitch of future-forward bands like Total Control or Cold Beat, as well as the post-industrialist dance floor grime of Skinny Puppy, Dark Day, This Heat, and Factrix.

Half Eaten By Dogs is a wide-eyed look through a scope into a heathenish vision, where ice-encrusted synth harmonies command oozing chemical rhythms and drilled-out elemental rock formations. There’s a psychedelic melancholy to it, in both the abstract lyrical sense, with doomed proclamations of natural and supernatural disasters, and the more tangible musical sense. Like their Ohio predecessors, The Serfs seem askew from the art that surrounds them, and they’re proud of it.

The Serfs 2023 Tour Dates

Mon. Oct. 2 – Louisville, KY @ Art Sanctuary w/ Nuovo Testamento
Tue. Oct. 31 – Cincinnati, OH @ Design Collective w/ Powerplant
Fri. Nov. 3 – Los Angeles, CA @ Substance Festival

Pre-order Half Eaten By Dogs by The Serfs HERE


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