The Serfs Announce Half Eaten By Dogs LP

The Serfs have announced their new album Half Eaten By Dogs will drop on October 27th via Trouble in Mind records and DSPs
The Serfs photo by Liese Stiebritz

The Serfs announce their new LP Half Eaten By Dogs, will drop on out October 27th via Trouble In Mind Records (Facs). The Cinncinati, Ohio band includes Dylan McCartney (vocals, percussion, guitar, bass, electronics), Dakota Carlyle (electronics, bass, guitar, vocals) and Andie Luman (vocals, synths).

Half Eaten By Dogs is described as a wide-eyed look through a scope into a heathenish vision, where ice-encrusted synth harmonies command oozing chemical rhythms and drilled-out elemental rock formations. There’s a psychedelic melancholy to it, in both the abstract lyrical sense, with doomed proclamations of natural and supernatural disasters, and the more tangible musical sense. It veers all over the map of tenebrous drum and synthesizers and stygian guitar, at times with a cautious paranoia and at times with tuneful defiance (and in some moments harmonica, saxophone or flute).

Ahead of the album’s arrival, the band have shared “Club Deuce.” “I thought of the idea for this song at first like a movie in my mind,” says Luman. “It was the story of a fated man and a modern day Venus with complete and unrelenting control. The set was a quiet corner in a thunderstruck city with endless commotion in the distance. The whole thing glowing like a neon sign. ‘Club Deuce’ churns unhurried until it billows all around you and you’re caught like a fly in the jaws of a venus fly trap.”

The Serfs were formed while McCartney and Carlyle were scraping the bottom of the barrel, tilling the soil for the baron (a.k.a. working the fryers at a pub) and generally wallowing in the puddles of despair. The two decided to express their grim outlook through self-hypnosis by way of drums and synthesizers. After a couple of bungled attempts to play live, Luman joined the band and the classic trio lineup was formed. Like their Ohio predecessors, The Serfs seem askew from the art that surrounds them, and they’re proud of it.

The Serfs
Half Eaten By Dogs
Trouble In Mind Records

1. Order Imposing Sentence
2. Cheap Chrome
3. Suspension Bridge Collapse
4. Beat Me Down
5. Spectral Analysis
6. Club Deuce
7. Electric Like An Eel
8. Ending Of The Stream
9. The Dice Man Will Become
10. Mocking Laughter

Pre-order Half Eaten By Dogs HERE


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