“Dead Meat” By The Tubs

“Dead Meat” By The Tubs is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“Dead Meat” By The Tubs is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

The Tubs have shared the single “Dead Meat,” the title track off their debut album Dead Meat, available January 27th via Trouble In Mind. “This one’s about living in a rubbish filthy flat, wearing a horrible smelly beanie, and running out of steroid cream for the rash that’s spreading up your perineum. And about blaming someone else for all of that.“ says vocalist/guitarist Owen “O” Williams. “The lyrics are sung from the perspective of the accused – who’s all like ‘Okay fine blame me if you really want but you’ve always been a depressing crustie.’”

Formed by “O” and George “GN” Nicholls, the primary songwriters from the group Joanna Gruesome, The Tubs are also ¾ths of the “evil” Sniffany & The Nits, as well as the decidedly less evil Ex-Voïd. Despite the bands’ sonic differences, there’s a similar derangement at play beneath The Tubs’ jangle. The Tubs make music that incorporates elements of post-punk, traditional British-folk, and guitar-jangle seasoned by nonchalant Flying Nun pop hooks and contemporary antipodean indie bands.

Mental illness tends to be a recurrent topic but these songs don’t offer any advice or particular sense of affirmation, relatability, hope etc. If anything, they seem more interested in the ways in which mental illness can turn the sufferer into a petty, annoying arsehole. O Williams explains: “Having a compulsive disorder which makes me go bonkers isn’t my ‘superpower’ or whatever, it actually just makes me this irritating guy who smells.”

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