“Churchyard” by Ex-Vöid

"Churchyard" by Ex-Vöid is Northern Transmissions Son of the Day
"Churchyard" by Ex-Vöid is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Bigger Than Before is the debut album from Ex-Vöid. Yet there’s also a delicacy to the vocal which brings to mind the eye-of-the-storm melodies of Bilinda Butcher which imbues the album with a kind of grounding ethereality. On tracks like lead single “Churchyard,” McArdle and Williams’ voices blend and trill with a folk-like quietness while, down in the grubby engine room, bandmates Laurie Foster (bass) and Jonny Coddington (drums) thrash their way through noise jams, hardcore breakdowns and open-chord power-pop riffs.

Bigger Than Before was laid down live, with a few minimal overdubs, in just over an hour in Hackney, London. The songs were recorded without breaks, and Foster was reported to have “kept on playing even though his belt came loose and his trousers fell down”.

“Churchyard”, the first single from Ex-Vöid’s debut album Bigger Than Before, is a 1:57 power-pop epic stuffed with hooks. Guitarist Owen Williams describes the single: “I wrote it when I was like 24 and living in Brighton. My friend and I were unemployed and we used to spend a lot of time drinking cans of lager and taking legal highs in a pet graveyard. It was boring so at the end we sing: ’I get so bored’ over and over etc.”

Bigger Than Before

1. Churchyard
2. Chemical Reaction
3. (Angry At You) Baby
4. Boyfriend
5. So Neurotic
6. Weekend
7. I Couldn’t Say It To Your Face
8. (Lyin’ To You) Baby
9. No Other Way
10. My Only One

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