R. Ring Releases New Single “Def Sup”

R. Ring have shared their new single/video "Def Sup." The track is off the trio's forthcoming album War Poems, We Rested, out January 27
R. Ring have shared their new single/video "Def Sup"

Don Giovanni Records recently announced the upcoming album from R. Ring titled War Poems, We Rested. The band features Kelley Deal (of The Breeders) and Mike Montgomery (of Ampline). Laura King (of Bat Fangs) contributed drums and other significant arrangements to the album as well. Today, the trio have released the album’s newest single “Def Sup” to digital streaming platforms, along with an accompanying music video. The album will be released on January 27, 2023 and it is the band’s first full-length since their 2017 release Ignite The Rest.

Shortly after the release of Ignite the Rest, beguiling indie rock duo R. Ring began working on material for their follow-up. Kelley Deal and Mike Montgomery collaborated on fragments, again enlisting drummer Laura King, Lori Goldston on cello, and Joe Suer on vibraphone. Engaged in other projects (Deal with The Breeders and Protomartyr and Montgomery with his Candyland Recording Studio) and waiting out a global crisis, Deal and Montgomery tinkered on nearly-finished tracks and bided their time. In early 2023, with a tentative hope that the coast was somewhat clear, R. Ring re-emerged with War Poems We Rested, an album replete with three-minute songs.

Drummer Laura King (also of Bat Fangs and Speed Stick) describes the song’s creation, which has a dance-punk vibe similar to ESG or the more accessible tracks from krautrock pioneers Can.

“I had this beat in my head and I recorded it with Charles Chace (Speed Stick) at his Beep Wave Studio. We chopped it up a bit, then I recorded a bass track that seemed fitting. Charles added some angular guitar solos. I knew then that I had to take the tracks to Mike and Kelley to finish the song. They painted their magic on it and it really started to take shape and make sense. The words came from the excitement of a new relationship and promising self identity.”

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