“David Eats Fast Food Daily” Elliot

A self-professed lover of all things fast and edible. Elliot, the Stockholm-based frontman has already made a name for himself throughout the year, through songs “Am I In Love Or Just Hungry and “Trade Burgers 4 Love.” His forthcoming release Fast Food Musik, arrives on December 7th via Icons Creating Evil Art.

Elliot takes his inspirations from Ariel Pink and John Maus, the frontman looks to create a warped and wild journey on his latest full-length. Filled with psychedelic synths and an abstract sense of humour, the new release sits as a satire towards modern society. The fast food representing the culture of instant gratification, where we are filled physically but not spiritually.

Elliot reflects on his inspirations:

“Maybe it is hard to discern anything other than detached irony from many of the tracks on the album. But in retrospect, the ’fast food’ subject matter was a guarded metaphor for toxic aspects of my personality, my vices and generally my self-loathing. It’s tough to deal with these subjects upfront when your head is swarming with self- harming thoughts and anxieties, so it was a necessary storytelling device for me.

“That being said, making songs about burger grease is a great way of distancing oneself from the rest of the local scene, where life-altering subjects like depression and love are ’brought to you by Adidas’.

“Nowadays, it’s not an open-ended question anymore. I’m well fed, just a tad overweight, and in love. I listen to this song with the person I wrote it to, who I am now back together with. She plays many roles on this album to which I’m the antagonist – and is likely the reason why I wrote it in the first place.”