“Miss You Too” Völuspa (Saturday Monday Remix)

"Miss You Too" Völuspa (Saturday Monday Remix) is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.'
"Miss You Too" Völuspa (Saturday Monday Remix)

Völuspa, had a busy year, including dates with Hot Chip and Spiritualized, as well as, the release of her debut single “Wings.” The Brooklyn-based dream-pop artist is back with a series of remixes of sophomore single “Miss You Too,” first from LA-based Kellen Malloy, Sweden’s Bonander and now Saturday, Monday.

The remix explores magisterial landscapes through its post-electronica tendencies. Chrome Sparks-esque detailing underlies Völuspa’s melancholic expression on the tunnelvision-like feat.

Discovering her love for punk-rock through her high school sweetheart, Kirsten Knick aka Völuspa played guitar, fought and drank through her obstreperous adolescence. Allowing her to finally feel involved and present in her existence, she indulged in books on witchcraft and spent most of her teen years on horse-back in San Francisco bay.

‘Miss You Too (Saturday, Monday remix)’ is now available via Icons Creating Evil Art and streaming services