“Angry Eyes” by Emmecosta

“Angry Eyes” by Emmecosta is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'

Emmecosta released their nocturnal Velour EP over the summer. Their new single, “Angry Eyes” serves as a prequel to the EP. “‘Angry Eyes’ is where everything started, where time went slow. This is a digital ethnographic vision of uncertainty. Here, we started this journey of imagining distant places through small fragments.” ­“Angry Eyes” captures a harrowing moment.

The song is a pensive and haunting reflection of seeing a woman’s angry eyes through a crowd of people. Gentle vocals lead the way through the song’s pulsing synths and piercing guitar solo. “The video shows an agnostic mood from an off-screen driver. We consider this vision as a fairytale. The whole film (from the driver’s dashboard) was made in an unknown town during a stormy night.” Rain and wind batter the car as lightning flashes in the distance echo sharp pangs of guilt.

The “Angry Eyes” single will be released in collaboration between Kitsuné, and the video will be available 14th December via Icons Creating Evil Art.