Dana Gavanski Covers King Krimson


Dana Gavanski has released a video for her cover of King Crimson’s “I Talk To The Wind.” The video was edited and produced by Gaia Alari, put together frame by hand-drawn frame. “I Talk To The Wind,” can be found on Dana Gavanski’s current release Wind Songs, now available via Ba Da Bing Records.

Gaia Alari on the video for “I Talk To The Wind:”

“The reason why as a visual artist I specialize in this kind of analogic technique (it’s just papers placed one after the other, no post production involved) is because somehow it brings me back to when I was a child and I used to draw small stories in sequence with wax pastels on paper, (or make clay characters and move them). This is why I find in this rather time-consuming frame by frame process the warmth I look for that comes from this personal feeling of belonging.

I knew the song before but Dana’s version made me reconnect to the lyrics on a deeper level. This inspired me to look for visuals that could bring an airy sensation but also a little psychedelic and melancholic. So I picked a few elements (plastic bag, curtains, Dana, birds, hands) and took them on a circular journey, picturing the movement of a whirlwind. There is a surreal element to the lyrics that I visually developed through the use of nature and blooming flowers as a representation of the outside/inside, here/there tidy chaos. aesthetically, I wanted the video to have a 70s vibe, that shows basically through the use of dissolvences, the frame angles and the choice of a pastel pink as the colour to accompany the black and white palette.”

Dana Gavanski on “I Talk To The Wind:”

“I kind of forgot about King Crimson for some time and only got back into them early last year. Ian McDonald’s beautiful flute solos throughout the song, the mellow vocals and symphonic arrangements all come together to make it beautifully moody.”