“Crayon Cactus” Young Ejecta

Young Ejecta is comprised of Leanne Macomber (Neon Indian, Fight Bite) and Joel Ford (Jacques Greene, Oneohtrix Point Never, How To Dress Well, Ford & Lopatin). Recently, the duo revealed their forthcoming release Ride Lonesome, will come out on June 26 via Driftless Recordings. Ahed of the album’s release, Young Ejecta have shared a video for album track “Crayon Cactus.”

Young Ejecta
Ride Lonesome
Driftless Recordings
Track listing

1. Crayon Cactus
2. Screen Guru
3. Four Corners
4. 9 to 5
5. Call My Name
6. Tired
7. AH HA
8. Can I Dance With You
9. Cheese
10. Ranger Danger

Ride Lonesome is described as a cynical dystopia while luring it’s listener out west. Given Joel Ford’s move to L.A. and Leanne Macomber Macomber’s Texas background, its glittering desert starscapes and country flourishes serve as a natural anchor for the project’s more isolating and oblique ruminations. The familiar topics of romance and loss have been playfully permeated with sexuality and commerce in the digital age. The album lyrically fulfills the promise of Young Ejecta’s 2015 jaded melodrama Welcome to Love, as it sonically achieves both a forcefulness and dynamism that’s captivating and reflective. Ride Lonesome is Young Ejecta’s strongest and most cohesive work to date.


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