“Body Bag” by Devora

Devora has returned with her new single “Body Bag,” the track is partnered with a video, directed by Bowie Sims. Along with the video/single, Devora has revealed that her new EP Outlaw will drop on June 25th, 2021 via Tiger Tone Records (VHS Collection).

Devora on “Body Bag:”

“This song is a front row seat to watching me lose my mind. I snapped after going through some messed up situations and as always, I let my frustrations and anger take shape in song form. This song is my visceral reaction to some crazy shit that went down and writing it was as cathartic as it was liberating. There’s something so beautiful and poignant about not mincing words and just outright saying “I am enraged. I want to put you in a body bag. That is all”. Sometimes there’s really no other words or poetry to describe what you’re feeling and this was one of those instances. This song evokes an ironclad shade of fearlessness that can’t be fucked with. Its raw, its real, It’s untouchable.”

Devora was Raised in the desert of Arizona, DEVORA draws her inspiration from her roots, growing up around desert creatures in a western town, experiencing the sinister lawless side of desert life, and the characters she’s met along the way. In her modern goth-western vignettes she conjures images of ghost towns, dark rodeos, the haunted desert, abandoned motel rooms, skylines on fire, the open road and reckless tales of love and loss in a modern wild west.

Singing and writing since she was a small child, music comes second nature to her, as she was continuously writing short stories and poetry while growing up in a small desert town. Eventually she began to draw on the stories, encounters, strange themes and adventures occurring in her life by turning them into songs.

Tiger Tone Records

1. Fist Fight
2. Body Bag
3. Outlaw
4. Not Dead Yet
5. Elvis

pre-order Outlaw HERE.