“Angels of Sweat” Tamaryn

Singer/songwriter Tamaryn has released “Angels of Sweat, the latest track off her forthcoming release Dreaming The Dark, out via Dero Arcade March 22nd. The self-directed video is the second part of a series she’s calling ‘archetype dramas’. In “Angels of Sweat”, her character The Moon, surrounded by Death and the Minor Arcana, tries to confuse everyone while being the biggest diva in the sky. “Angels of Sweat” is a dynamic bit of synthpop that unspools with the kind of effervescent quality that establishes the album’s emotional timbre— “Embrace your desire, lived so many lives, it’s already night.”

Dreaming The Dark was Produced by and co-written with Jorge Elbrecht (Ariel Pink, Frankie Rose, Wild Nothing, Gang Gang Dance), the nine tracks on Dreaming The Dark represent an emotional and aesthetic evolution, the front and center guitar washes and foggy ennui of her earlier records giving way to crystalline beats, synths and lyrical narratives aimed directly at the jugular. While the record still occasionally mines a 4AD-adjacent musical palette—all manner of Cocteau Twins gauze, her Kate Bush meets Tears for Fears level vocality and melodic guitar lines that might have swirled off of a mid-80’s Cure record — Dreaming The Dark also packs a hefty emotional wallop. The album flirts with the aesthetics of classic 80’s synth-pop while playing at the fringes of hip hop production and forward-thinking electronica.

Cast of “Angels of Sweat”

King of Swords ~ Jack Mannix
Ace of Cups & Page of Swords ~ Christian Øyen
Ace of Swords & Constellation ~ Actually Huizenga
Death ~ Andy Schiaffino
The Moon ~ Tamaryn

Dreaming The Dark

Angels of Sweat
Path to Love
Fits of Rage
Paranoia IV
Victim Complex
You’re Adored
The Jealous Kind
Dreaming The Dar