“All The Other Lovers” Rapport

Rapport are sharing their new single and video for “All The Other Lovers”, the second single from their debut EP, In The Dark, out via Arbutus Records (Grimes, TOPS, Majical Cloudz) on October 4th.

Rapport is the offshoot of Maddy Wilde’s longstanding belief she was unable to be the main songwriter of any music project. The humour of this broken belief lies in the boldness of uncertainty, a feeling that follows Wilde throughout her debut EP, In The Dark. Written and produced in Toronto by Maddy Wilde, Kurt Marble and Mike Pereira, In The Dark is a true expression of Toronto’s unending output of genre bending pop music.

Maddy Wilde on “All The Other Lovers:”

“”All the Other Lovers” is about memory. How time turns a memory into a kind of fantasy, something so far away that it could never happen again. The song is about looking to the past, remembering a love that used to be and how nothing has compared since then; all the other lovers have just filled in the blanks. But was that past love all that we remembered it to be?”

Regarding the video, Wilde explains: “We tried to capture that feeling in the video. The three of us, weathered and worn by our time and experience, searching for what used to bring us happiness. Circumstances have separated us from one another, but the memories we have, which seem so far away, keep us going.”

Wilde’s passion for music and performance began at a young age, with teenage Toronto indie rock band, Spiral Beach, a band that had an outsized influence on the Toronto music scene over the following decade. Following the momentum of this project, Wilde went on to play with former band mate Daniel Benjamin in Moon King. Wilde has since developed her songwriting practice, joining Toronto glam grunger, Kurt Marble, in a weekly songwriting endeavor all in the name of fun. Unbeknownst to the pair, a style developed and becoming a band was unavoidable. The duo then turned to longtime friend Mike Pereira. A talented visual artist and multi instrumentalist, Pereira was the missing link that tied it all together.

Order Rapport’s In The Dark here.