“All Dressed Up” By Hazel English ft: Day wave

Hazel English’s brilliant and bold debut album Wake Up technically-speaking was only released in 2020. The album was produced by Jackson Phillips (Day Wave) after a chance encounter at a Bay Area book store blossomed into a creative collaboration. Today the duo have released a new video for “All Dressed Up,” which they also directed.

After exploring collaborations both with songwriters and producers on Wake Up (produced by Ben H Allen and Justin Raisen), Hazel and Jackson –both by now transplanted to from Oakland to Los Angeles- reconnected once again during the pandemic’s localizing parameters and began collaborating, sending ideas back and forth to their neighbor amidst peak lockdown. “Jackson and I have such a great flow when it comes to working on music that it was easy to essentially pick up where we had left off. Our process together is very quick and fun, no second guessing,” recalls Hazel of their rekindled creativity. “I also think the pandemic and time at home got me thinking a lot about my past and remembering high school experiences and those kinds of feelings that were so vivid at that time. So I found myself writing lyrics that were inspired by some of those experiences and then I kind of created a whole new story out of it.”

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