“77” by Alice Bag

Blueprint is the second full-length solo record by Alice Bag. Based in Los Angeles, Bag is a punk rock singer, musician, author, educator and feminist archivist. Today, you can watch her video for “77”. The clip was Directed by Scott Stuckey (Pancake Mountain), the video finds it’s inspiration in the 1980 comedy film 9 to 5 and stars Bag, Kathleen Hanna, Allison Wolfe, and Seth Bogart.

The idea to write a song about the pay gap between the sexes (on average, women in the United States make just 77 cents for every dollar a man makes in the same position) came to Bag while she was writing a paper about one of her own heroes, June Millington of Fanny. “I was reading an interview with the founder of Olivia Records where she points out that women still make just 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. That pissed me off and things that piss me off have a way of becoming songs. I wrote the first line, ‘I make 77 cents on the dollar / it’s not fair and it makes me want to holler,’ and the rest of the song just flowed from there.”

Alice Bag was lead singer and co-founder of The Bags — who were among the first wave of punk bands to emerge from that city during in the mid-1970’s — and also performed in Castration Squad, Cholita, and Las Tres. In 2016, she released her self-titled debut solo album on Don Giovanni Records.

Alice Bag

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