“You So Done” Noga Erez

Israeli artist Noga Erez collaborates with her partner/co-writer/composer and producer Ori Rousso to create electronic influenced pop music. Erez is currently signed to Berlin label City Slang (Caribou, Junior Boys). Recently, she shared a video for “You So Done.”

Noga Erez on “You So Done:”

“The video for “You So Done” was a big risk taker for me” she comments. “Usually, I have an idea or I work with a director on an idea together. Since this was my third video with Indy Hait, I decided to let him do his thing. He offered up an idea that included a robot and I immediately hated it. I was just not able to imagine how it wouldn’t come off as a science fiction video and felt it wasn’t my style. But after talking and tearing the idea apart, I realised that this is a truly meaningful character.

The robot in this video is actually not the violent character. Its job was to portray the act of violence through transferring the moves from an unseen character and helping them come alive visually. The video uses muscle memory as the ‘engine’ to that violent dance act, and muscle memory is something that fascinates me. Eventually this video is far from being science fiction, it is my most personal video to date.”

Erez arrived on the scene with ‘Off The Radar’ in 2017. Her 2018 standalone singles “Bad Habits” and “Cash Out (feat. SAMMUS),” and 2019 collaboration with ECHO, “Chin Chin” saw her continuing to forge a path of uncompromising and unpredictable, gritty, truth-seeking alt-pop.