“God’s Country” By Lambrini Girls

"God’s Country" By Lambrini Girls is northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The UK band's track is now available via City Slang
"God’s Country" By Lambrini Girls is northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Lambrini Girls have returned with single “God’s Country”. The track is now available via City Slang Originally from Brighton, the band includes Phoebe Lunny and Lilly Macieira plus drummer Banksy*. Iggy Pop is also a huge fan.

*Not actually Banksy

God’s Country was recorded by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox in the deep dark days of December. They fuelled themselves with Christmas lights and Guinness until Lilly’s bass sounded like a jet engine taking off and Phoebe blew her voice out.

Speaking on the track, the band explain:

“Gods Country is our long, overdue call-out of the government and rise of the far right. We wrote this a few months back, when the political landscape had evidently reached a global boiling point. Great Britain. Think colonial, shit-hole, chunk of land. Thriving off unhinged nationalism, fed to us by the right red hand of unelected prime ministers. Despite this, we have the audacity to call our country ‘Great’. So we ask you, ‘Are you sure?’ We could deep dive into inspirations and influences- but the songs about politics, not us. We hope the song speaks for itself. Rishi, Cameron, Cummings, Starmer – you’re all on our shit list.”

Lambrini Girls 2024 Tour Dates

15/02/2024 – Borderline Festival, Dublin
17/02/2024 – Aeronef, Lille
27/02/2024 – Le Bikini, Toulouse – The Libertines Support
29/02/2024 – Route du Rock Hiver @ L’Antipode, Rennes
01/03/2024 – Les Inrocks Festival @ Le 104, Paris
02/03/2024 – Festival Hors Pistes, Annecy
10-16/03/2024 – SXSW, Texas
22/03/2024 – Tremor Festival, Azores Islands
30/03/2024 – Dust is Precious @ La Nef, Angouleme
04/05/2024 – Nuits Botanique, Brussels
17/05/2024 – Foul Weather Festival, Le Havre
25/05/2024 – Wide Awake, London
27/05/24 Molotow, Hamburg (Headline)
29/05/24 Urban Spree, Berlin (Headline)
31/05/2024 – Dauwpop, Hellendoorn
13/06/2024 – Scala, London (Headline)
22/06/2024 – Kliko Festival @ Patronnat, Harlem
06/07/2024 – Wilde Weide, Kraggenburg
07/07/2024 – Sjock Festival, Gierle
10/07/2024 – 2000Trees, Cheltenham
26/07/2024 – Xtreme Fest, Le Garric
02/08/2024 – Y Not? Festival, Pikehall
23/08/2024 – Reading Festival, Reading
24/08/2024 – Leeds Festival, Leeds
31/08/2024 – Manchester Psych Fest

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