Yolanda debuts new single ‘No Great Shakes’

Yolanda announces new EP 'What Vision', debuts new single 'No Great Shakes'

Yolanda’s debut EP What Vision began as primitive laptop recordings created during a particularly sleepless four years spent working 80-hour weeks at LA County Hospital. The home recordings of emergency physician Nicholas Abraham stewed subconsciously from early tie-dye-tinged days in Oregon, growing slowly but organically with key contributions from an assortment of other artists and musicians, including formative stints in Paul Oldham’s garage and Todd Dahlhoff’s Echo Park shred shack. The project’s namesake, Yolanda, is a once tiny cat rescued by Nicholas and his wife Jena while visiting a friend in Havana, Cuba. Shortly after she joined the family, producer Chris Coady (Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV On The Radio) jumped on board to mix the project and What Vision was born. If you experience nausea, aches, pains, or other maladies while enjoying What Vision, Yolanda welcomes you to a free e-consultation at yolanda.tech OR please visit your nearest Yolanda-approved emergency room.

Quote from Yolanda on “No Great Shakes”:

“‘No Great Shakes’ was born shortly after my return West from Philly to LA, just over four years ago now. Originally a humble lonesome strummer, the track blossomed with the addition of kit by my cousin Jake and gestation across Echo Park in Todd Dahlhoff’s tiny Angeleno Heights back-house studio ‘The Submarine’, polishing its spiked-guitar & poly6 haze.

Lyrically a reflection on imaginary flash backs & the deja-vu tinted nostalgia that love brings: strobe-lit visions of you as children together in the woods or the night streets, dream-like memories that never happened in the physical world. On the unforgiving potential of time, and the feeling it should be celebrated as such.”